Learn how to Do the Brake Bypass on Alpine Radio [WIRING DIAGRAM]

How do you bypass the parking brake wire on Alpine head models?

Bypassing the parking brake on Alpine radio is greatest performed with a MicroBypass relay. There are 4 wires (floor, distant, foot pedal, and parking brake) that must be related out of your radio wiring harness to the MicroBypass swap.

Issues You Will Want

The MicroBypass swap

We advocate this bypass switch from MicroBypass.

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Assured to work: all aftermarket Alpine radio fashions together with all the brand new 2013-2021 Alpine fashions (however not restricted to): i109-WRA, i209-WRA, i407-WRA-JL, i407-WRA-JK, iCS-X7HD, INA-W910, INE-S920HD, INE-W927HD, INE-W940, INE-W957HD, INE-W960, INE-W960HDMI, INE-W967HD, INE-W970HD, INE-W987HD, INE-Z928HD, IVE-W530, IVE-W535HD, IVE-W555BT, iLX-007, iLX-107, iLX-207, I209-WRA, iLX-407, ILX-F409, Halo9, ILX-F411, Halo11, ILX-W650, ILX-507, ILX-F259, ILX-F309, X008U, X009-U, X009-FD1, X009-FD2, X009-GM, X009-GM2, X009-RAM, X009-TND, X110-SLV, X110-SRA, X009-WRA, X109-WRA, X409-WRA-JL, X409-WRA-JK, X308U, X409.

Not to be used with OEM Alpine radios

We additionally did the bypass possibility for Pioneer radios.

Step-by-Step Directions

Step 1: Join the BLACK wire

The BLACK floor wire of the ought to be related to the black floor wire of the radio.

Step 2: Join the YELLOW/BLUE wire

Join YELLOW/BLUE wire on MicroBypass to radio yellow/blue parking brake wire.

Step 3: Join the YELLOW/BLACK wire

Join the YELLOW/BLACK wire on the MicroBypass to the yellow/black foot brake wire on the radio harness.

*DO NOT join any wires to autos parking or foot brake wires or the rest.
*Cap off this wire if there isn’t any Yellow/Black wire in your Alpine radio wire harness.

Step 4: Join the BLUE/WHITE wire

The BLUE/WHITE wire on MicroBypass ought to be related to the radio’s BLUE/WHITE distant activate/off wire.

*Received’t intrude with amplifiers related to this lead.

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