Methods to Lubricate Shocks and Struts: Detailed Information!

To lubricate the shocks and struts, jack up your automobile and take away the wheel for entry. Take your lubricant and spray it on the bearings, flip plate, and bushings.

After it’s correctly set, refill a grease injector with grease. Apply it to the identical components. Repeat this course of for each shock or strut.

That was only a glimpse of lubricate shocks and struts however there’s far more to be mentioned. So, keep on with us until the tip.

Lubricating Shocks and Struts: Step-by-Step Information!!

If the shocks or struts begin to squeak, you’ll must lubricate them. Since shocks and struts are completely different elements, their lubrication course of is completely different.

Steps to Observe earlier than Lubrication

However, earlier than you begin lubricating, there’re some issues to think about. So, be certain to:

  • First, jack up the automobile and take away the wheels to achieve entry to the suspension system.
  • Verify for leaks within the suspension system. It could injury the suspension elements together with the entire automobile physique.
  • Lubricate your suspension bushing and piston rod utilizing lubricant oil.
  • Verify if any components in your suspension system are previous or worn out. For instance, the springs or ball joints.
  • Clear the realm across the shocks or struts with brake cleaner and a material. This may forestall future corrosion or injury.
  • Inflate your tires in keeping with the right measurement in your proprietor’s handbook. Correct air strain enormously impacts the shock’s efficiency.

All of that is to verify the opposite components of your suspension are working completely. Now, you can begin lubricating.

Strut Lubrication

Let’s begin with lubricate squeaky struts. We’ve discovered silicon or lithium-based spray lubricants to work the perfect. Right here is the checklist of instruments you’ll want:

Now, observe this step-by-step information:

Step 1: Jack up the Automotive

Elevate your car utilizing jacks. Place the jack stands below your car to help the burden and decrease the jack. There are 4 jacking factors below the rocker panels of your automobile. 

Step 2: Take away the Wheel

In some automobiles, you’ll must take away the wheels for accessing the struts. You may watch this video on take away the wheels:

How to Change a Wheel on a Car 

If the strut is already accessible, skip this step.

Step 3: Spray Lubricant

Now, take your lubricant and connect the lengthy nozzle to it. Then, spray on the strut bearings, flip plate, and bushings. You’ll have to carry down the mud cowl whereas spraying the bearings. Wait a couple of minutes and spray once more a number of instances.


Step 4: Apply Grease

Take the grease injector and fill it with grease. Now, inject the grease into the flip plate, strut bearings, and bushing. Be sure that the grease doesn’t leak out from across the injector nozzle. 

Supply: Youtube

Once more, use an extended nozzle for any areas you’ll be able to’t attain with a standard nozzle. Repeat the identical course of for each wheel.

With that, your struts have been lubricated.

Shock Lubrication

Now, how do lubricate shocks within the automobile? To lubricate the shocks, you’ll be able to observe the struts’ lubricating course of as they’re virtually the identical.

The one distinction you would possibly face is the mud cowl. Struts have mud covers on them which have to be held down for lubrication. However, shocks don’t have this cowl.

Additionally,  it’s greatest to make use of shock absorber oils like Waxpol to lubricate shocks.

When to Change Shocks and Struts?

You must change the shocks and struts of your automobile after each 50,000-100,000 miles on common. Relying in your driving, it might last more or shorter.

However you’ll be able to look out for these signs that point out your automobile’s shock or struts wants substitute:

  • After they’re worn out, it’ll be exhausting to manage the car.
  • Fluids will leak from the outside of the shocks and struts.
  • The tire treads can even be uneven.

Shock Alternative

Simply take away the bolts of the shock and it’ll come out. Then, put within the new one and bolt them sustaining the advisable torque. You should definitely match the shock together with your car’s particular mannequin.

For an in depth information, watch this video: How to Replace Shocks with basic hand tools

Strut Alternative

First, take away the brake line and bolts holding the strut. Jack up the suspension to take away the sway bar. Hammer out the knuckle and take away the higher bolts of the strut. Now, simply take out the strut and change it with a brand new one.

For the detailed course of, watch this video: How to Replace Struts in your Car or Truck


Can I Spray WD40 on My Automotive Shocks?

Sure, you need to use WD40 on automobile shocks. Concerning its silicon properties, utilizing WD40 doesn’t trigger any injury to your shock absorbers. Often, you don’t must take away the shocks for making use of WD40. However, if there are critical lubrication issues, disassemble first. Additionally, keep away from utilizing extreme WD40.

Are Shocks Full of Oil?

Sure, shocks are crammed with hydraulic oil. They’re connected to a piston. Throughout the bouncing actions, this piston strikes throughout the hydraulic fluid. Thus, the strain is enormously absorbed by the oil which reduces the impression. All the time make it possible for the shock is 90% crammed with oil.

Can I exploit Engine Oil as Shock Oil?

No, engine oil shouldn’t be used as shock oil. That’s as a result of it reacts to the temperature. In hotter temperatures, the engine oil will get thinner. Whereas, in colder temperatures, the oil will get thicker. This may change the dampening issue. Thus, it’s greatest to make use of silicon oils which stay fixed.

Backside line!

Hope you bought to know every little thing about lubricate shocks and struts. Nonetheless, right here’s one final tip. When altering your worn-out tires, change the shocks as nicely. Thanks for staying with us until the tip.