Tesla Supercharger Station Lego Set Wants Your Help

Can you actually say you have penetrated popular culture if you do not have your individual Lego set? Regardless of Lego providing dozens, if not lots of, of automotive-themed units over time, not a one has been a Tesla. That would change thanks to at least one grownup fan of Lego (generally known as AFOLs) who submitted a tremendous Tesla Supercharger Station set of his personal creation to the Lego Concepts platform. The set consists of three superchargers, 4 autos (a mannequin Y, Cybertruck, and two Mannequin Ss), two minifigs, and a Tesla Retailer the place the autos are bought and serviced.

Lego Ideas is how common individuals get their “my very own creations” (MOCs) was official units. The platform lets anybody add an authentic set concept and the group votes on them. Any set that reaches 10,000 votes will then be thought of for manufacturing within the firm’s fashionable Concepts theme. Some fashionable previous Concepts units embrace Medieval Blacksmith (21325), Tree House (21318), and Globe (21332). 

It isn’t simple for an Concepts submission to achieve manufacturing even when it does garner 10,000 votes. You may discover the three examples above are common objects that do not require licensing to be developed and bought by Lego. These sorts of units usually have a better time getting by means of all of Lego’s hoops. That mentioned, some units that do require licensing get permitted as a result of Lego already has a longtime relationship with that firm. Disney’s Steamboat Willie (21317) set, which is now discontinued, involves thoughts. Sadly, Lego has no formal relationship with Tesla right now and even rejected a Cybertruck set that reached 10,000 votes previously.

The Supercharger Station set was created by Concepts consumer Airbricks95, whose actual title is Aurelien French. In response to his Ideas profile web page, he lives in France and he is been constructing Lego MOCs for 15 years. As you may see on his profile, he’s pretty prolific and his work is mostly of top quality.

His Tesla-themed set, although, is his hottest, having simply handed his Springfield Elementary School from The Simpsons set in votes with 2,685 to 2,614. Sure, French’s Tesla set nonetheless has a protracted solution to go to achieve 10,000 votes, however the sort of publicity ought to assist. To be able to vote you have got to enroll in a Lego Concepts account. I already had one, so my vote’s in.