Which means, Causes, Signs, and Fixes

The P0141 code is without doubt one of the most frequent error codes that happen in most vehicles. If left unattended, the code and the underlying downside may cause severe points.

On this article, we’ll assist you to perceive what the P0141 code is, what the causes and signs are, and extra. Additionally, the latter a part of this text will assist you to with correct prognosis and doable fixes for the P0141 fault code. 

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What’s the P0141 code definition? 

OBD-II P0141- Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Financial institution 1, Sensor 2) 

The fundamental definition of the codes is ‘O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Financial institution 1, Sensor 2)’. Because of this there is a matter with the heater circuit of the downstream oxygen sensor of Engine Financial institution 1. 

Now it will probably sound fairly advanced to a few of you, however allow us to clarify it for you in simpler phrases. Additionally, just a few comparable error codes are a part of the identical household because the P0141. 

  • P0161Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Financial institution 2, Sensor 2) 
  • P0135Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Financial institution 1, Sensor 1) 
  • P0155Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Financial institution 2, Sensor 1) 

All of those codes are associated to the heating circuit of the oxygen sensors current at completely different banks of the engine. 

What does P0141 imply? 

Principally, if the P0141 code reveals up within the scanner, it means there’s something unsuitable with the heating circuit of the oxygen sensor positioned in the course of the catalytic converter. That is the converter that’s closest to the engine.  

The heater circuits within the oxygen sensor can fail, and most of the people do the simple answer of changing the sensor. However with out correct prognosis, you may lose cash when the code returns even after connecting a brand new oxygen sensor. 

What does an oxygen sensor do? 

The O2 sensor, as it’s generally known as, screens the quantity of oxygen within the exhaust. You will need to make sure the automotive has good gas economic system by regulating the gas combination. The studying of the 02 sensors will inform the pc whether or not the combination has extra oxygen (wealthy combination) or much less (lean combination). 

However the O2 sensor must warmth to an optimum temperature to get correct readings. It would generate completely different voltages when the air-fuel combination is lean or wealthy. If the sensor is broken, there are breaks within the wiring, or the sensor doesn’t get heated correctly, the P0141 code will present up. 

What causes the P0141 code? 


Defective O2 sensor heater: It’s the commonest trigger that may end up in the P0141 code.  

Circuit issues: The heating circuit or elements of it will probably break down. Additionally, the wiring and different connections may be both damaged or unfastened. 

Broken fuse: The 02 sensor has a fuse and relay; if these are damaged, the code will present up. 

PCM errors: In very uncommon instances, the PCM could also be having points like being unable to learn the indicators from the O2 sensor. In some instances, a software program replace can clear up the problem. 

What are the signs of the P0141 code? 

  • Poor gas economic system: Extra gas is made use of due to incorrect readings from the O2 sensor. 
  • Emission take a look at fail: As extra gas burns, extra exhaust can be launched into the air. 
  • Examine engine gentle: The PCM’s approach of claiming there’s something unsuitable with the automotive. It is not uncommon when there are energetic error codes like P0141.  

Easy methods to diagnose the P0141 code? 

Be certain there aren’t any different error codes current within the automotive. If there are, be sure to clear these first. Possibly the P0141 code will disappear while you clear the remainder of the fault codes.  

When you take the automotive to a talented mechanic, they will have a look at the voltages the O2 sensor generates at completely different phases of the automotive’s functioning. If these values don’t match the best voltages, then it means there is a matter. Moreover, verify for a damaged fuse within the heating circuit and ensure the PCM software program is up to date.


As you noticed earlier, the easy answer for the P0141 is to switch the O2 sensor. However be sure to pinpoint the issue earlier than spending cash on a brand new oxygen sensor. 

  • Be certain the wiring is undamaged and there’s no particles or dust on the level of connections. Additionally, if the wiring is unfastened, both make it tight or exchange it. 
  • If the fuse is damaged, exchange it. It’s a key element within the heating circuit of the O2 sensor. 
  • If the software program of the PCM isn’t up to date to the newest model, do it first. When you nonetheless have doubts concerning the credibility of the PCM capabilities, seek the advice of a mechanic. 
  • When you can’t determine any of those as the issues, the ultimate step is changing the sensor. 

Taking the automotive to the closest mechanic for a correct prognosis is all the time higher. Sure. It might price you some $50 to $100, however it’s best to method an knowledgeable in case you are not helpful sufficient to work on wiring and sensors your self. 

How severe is engine code P0141? 


It won’t have an effect on the driving expertise usually, often in short-distance drives. However there are situations the place you may really feel the automotive is burning an excessive amount of gas. Are you visiting the fuel station too typically, and the P0141 is exhibiting up? So, fixing the code as quickly as doable is a lot better.

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